There's always good and there's always bad. I think most porn, top shelf magazines and so on, is absolutely dreadful. I don't want to see endless shots of silicone-breasted blondes with their pussies held open. How about some subtlety, eh boys? In fact, most contemporary porn is so bad that the only erotic effect it has on been is to boost my sense of embarrassment. Fortunately I'm into humiliation. Sadly, not one in thousand appeals to me. I like artwork more than photos anyway, cartoons especially. I think Paula Meadows is brilliant, with her lovely spanking pictures, every one just crammed with atmosphere. You can feel the girls' emotions, so raw; shame, misery, embarrassment, anger, shock, pain, all the nicest things about getting a spanking.

She understands about exposure too, with the unfortunate girls' pussies and bottom holes almost always on show, which I think is really important. Milo Manara is good too [check out my favourite comics page], and there are plenty of other great pervy artists around, including our own Jose Maqueros, of course. Most of what's around is too coy, or lacks imagination, or is just too straight for my tastes. Among contemporary writers, Lucy Golden appeals, while Lucy Bailey shares so many of my fantasies. Jean Aveline is skilled, but too joyless for me. Aishling Morgan is great, but then I'm biased. Among classics, I don't like "The Story of 'O'", which is a pretty basic dungeon fantasy with no ending, while I find that old fashioned writing styles are a turn-off.

In terms of setting, I strongly prefer contemporary England. I like France, the rest of Europe, Africa too, not the US or Japan. To be honest, if I fancy a nice orgasm over a dirty book, I tend to read one of my own. That sounds dreadfully arrogant! Time for a spanking, I think. That's a very difficult question, as everyone's tastes differ. For erotic writing to work for me, it needs to be uninhibited, and down to earth. Descriptions should be exact, without resorting to euphemism or metaphor. I also find sex scenes much stronger when they are in context, rather than being a simple description of people having sex. I feel that the characters need to be established first, and then it matters what happens to her.

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