About Penny

Penny has also been interviewed by Miss Marchmont; read the interview here (external link).

Tell us a little about your erotic writing

The most important thing about my writing is that it is a blend of things I've really done with my imagination. Although my novels are fictional, I try to work real events into them, and describe real feelings, both physical and mental. In the same way, my characters are made up, but often based on friends. I then blend everything into what I sincerely hope are workable stories. The first thing any writer needs is a compulsion to write, which I certainly have. Imagination is also crucial, and the ability to write from the heart. Technical skill is less important, and can be learnt, but is still essential if you want anything published. After all, if you are going to "leave it to the imagination", why bother at all?

How did you start writing erotica?

I've written erotica since I learned how to masturbate. In fact, the two are very closely linked for me. Rather than just let a fantasy run through my head, I used to write it down, then read it back to myself, which made it so much stronger. From there I went on to putting the stories on a computer screen in large type, to scroll slowly down, so that I had both hands free! My first publications were all very dry scientific papers, but after getting involved with the London fetish scene I started to write for Fetish Times, when the lovely Nicky Wolf was editor. People seemed to appreciate my style, and eventually the editor of Nexus books asked me to try a novel. I did, and that led to Penny in Harness.

Who are your influences?

Most of my literary influences are not erotic, but are old fashioned. I was brought up on Edith Nesbit, P G Wodehouse, Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle, George Orwell and Mervyn Peake, mainly because my elder brother liked them and passed them on. My mother prefers nineteenth century writers, and is always pressing me to read the Brontes and Jane Austin, with limited success. For myself, I can enjoy almost anything which some thought has gone into, but almost every writer I admire was dead before I was born, which I'm sure says something about me. For erotic writing and sex-related writing, I always liked anything which involves girls getting their bottoms smacked, no matter how badly written. On the other hand, I hate sex-and-shopping books with endless perfect men bonking endless perfect women in dull and predictable ways. Among commentators, it is impossible not to admire people like Susie Bright and Pat Califia, but it's a mistake to regard them as oracles. For general influences, the strongest is undoubtedly the English countryside, which I adore. Most of my growing up was done in the Thames Valley, which for me is the quintessential England, while every inch of land from East Anglia to Cornwall seems precious to me. Other elements of my background and education include zoology, wine, food, general decadence and of course lots and lots of spanking.

What means erotic fiction

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Erotic fiction is not only for the lonely

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